Development and implementation of CRM

Want to automate and simplify your work with clients? The best solution is to use a CRM that best suits your company's needs and takes you to the next level.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM - Customer Relationship Management System. It is the strategy, methods, tools and technologies that a business uses to attract and interact with customers. CRM automates relationships with customers, allows you to control, plan and develop any customer-oriented business. One high-quality service instead of Excel spreadsheets, instant messengers and many tools.

Benefits of using a CRM

The development of a CRM system and its implementation is an excellent solution to eliminate all weaknesses in work. You and all your employees will be able to get tools that allow you to more effectively and easily interact with colleagues and customers, which will increase the productivity of the entire company several times. Consequently, the implementation of a CRM is beneficial for both employees and the business owner.

Most pupular types of CRM

Operational CRM:

Sales and marketing automation. This CRM gives you a complete picture of each customer.

Analytical CRM:

This CRM will help you split your customer base, generalise your customer reach, increase sales, and predict limited results.

Collaborative CRM:

Within a single platform, this data is used by everyone involved in working with clients: sales representatives, client managers and support specialists. Collaborative CRM will be useful if several contractors are involved in one project.

CRM features
  • Formation and grouping of a single client base at various stages;
  • Automatic generation of the necessary reporting and documentation;
  • Sales planning and control;
  • Standardisation and automation of all processes in the company;
  • Distribution of tasks between employees and monitoring of their implementation;
  • Performance evaluation of each specialist or department;
  • Segmentation of target customers according to certain criteria.

IT outsourcing

Delegate the implementation of your IT tasks without being distracted from your current activities. IT outsourcing is a modern method of solving both individual tasks and the whole complex for optimisation and acceleration of your work.

When you need IT outsourcing services
  • You need an IT solution for your business;
  • Need modernization and support for current projects;
  • You need to implement additional features;
  • The company has its own developers, but requires additional resources;
  • Your project was created a long time ago and has lost its relevance;
How IT outsourcing works

In simple terms, we put at the disposal of our specialists to perform your tasks. We involve a manager who will manage the work of the entire team and will always be in touch. You will receive all the necessary information on the project, as well as consultations and reports on each stage.

We offer two working models:

Subscription Service:

This option is for flexible and scalable projects that require long-term collaboration, adjustments and updates that occur during the work of an already working project. Estimated cost is determined by stages or by the number of hours required per month.

One-time service:

Suitable for small projects or one-time tasks. The work is carried out according to a strictly agreed technical task. The cost and terms of performance of works are determined on the basis of the terms of reference.

Types of outsourcing services
  • Web development of a project of any complexity;
  • Development and implementation CRM;
  • Optimisation and promotion of your website on the web;
  • UI/UX design;
Benefits of IT outsourcing
  • Quick solution of tasks related to the development of web projects, their maintenance and support, without distracting their own employees from performing primary tasks;
  • Saving time in searching for full-time specialists;
  • Opportunity to receive comprehensive services from specialists in various fields;
  • Confidence in the timely completion of the project with the required result;
  • Absence of risks, as we take them upon ourselves;
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